• Bitmessage Mail Gateway

    This is a service to connect Bitmessage with E-Mail without the need of any software. It allows you to use the Bitmessage network the same way you use E-Mail today.

    Key Features

    • It's completely free
    • No advertisments anywhere
    • No tracking with Google Analytics or other services at all
    • Send and receive E-Mails from/to Bitmessage addresses
    • Send and receive E-Mails from/to other E-Mail addresses
    • Personal Bitmessage address
    • Supports broadcasting
    • Use the E-Mail client you are satisfied with and all its features (address book, spam filter, folders, rules, etc).
    • Instant delivery (no POW) if your contact has an @bitmessage.ch address too.
    • Server supports IMAP, POP3 and SMTP
    • SSL secured with a valid certificate
    • Spam filter
    • Easy readable alias address
    • No Proxy or TOR required but TOR hidden service and I2P address available (see FAQ)
    • Webmail Access from everywhere.
    • Two webmail systems, one optimized for bitmessage compatibility, one for all E-Mail features (attachments, MIME, ...)
    • Auto responder if you are away or want to set up a mailing list.
    • Auto forwarder to an external address.
    • Two auto signatures (Plain Text and HTML).
    • Rules for automatic message filtering.

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